Monday, November 22, 2010

Our friend Syd. going up the stairs looking tired and cute at our "sip n dip"
Uncle Corey, Auntie Michelle and Gramms coming downstairs!
In New Orleans we went to the Aquarium and had a blast! Love looking at the fish and all the fast moving sea animals!
Cafe DuMonde! Beignets mmmmmmmm.........
So, the story behind (no pun intended) this picture is for the last 6 months I scream every time I have to bathe, so in order to combat some of that my genius mommy decided we could go "swimming." We want the bath tub to be fun again!!! Yes that's right momma's a genius!!!


It has been a busy couple of months, We have moved into a new house, Went to New Orleans to visit "Grana Dana" and "G-Daddy", had a 2nd birthday, a great visit from Gramms(sylvia) and now the Holidays. We are looking forward to having thanksgiving in the new house and having "Grana Dana," "G-daddy" and ta-da busy Uncle Rob for Christmas.Auburn loves to sit and read at night and this night was especially giggly with Grana dana!
Walking with Daddy in St. Charles Square, New Orleans and swinging with my Momma!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I went to the petting Zoo! Pigs, bunnies, goats, chickens and mean ducks!
At the creek
I figured out how to take of my clothes!
Auntie Kaitlin tickling me
Uncle Ian let me drive his truck!
During my Grams' visit these girls were crazy!

My cousin Connor playing at the park with me! This slide rocks!

At the top O the world!
Grana Dana and G daddy walking with me to the park on Mothers day
Jeshua's Graduation! Oh my congrats!
I went to North Carolina this summer and had a blast!
My Aunt Rosemary and G Daddy encouraging me to walk through that tall grass that tickles!
This is my favorite spot in NC on my Grunkle Keiths rocking chair on the porch, sans pants!
I also went to the Zoo
The 4th of july parade was so cool I got to watch all the floats and firefighters!
Mommy and Daddy went somewhere without me! ( Chris and I on our annual Humphrey's Hike)
My auntie Kait brought some makeup from New York! I look GOOD!
This is priceless, My Nana and Papaw with me at the beach! I am so lucky to have Great Grandparents like these!
The beach with my cousins...
The pool is my favorite place this summer!
Kissing my Gramms!
Girl time getting ready to go shopping with my Auntie Meg and Mommy
I did the cancer walk this year with my Grams and Auntie Meg